Grade 11 Post Secondary Morning Tues. Oct. 25 B. Niek

Grade 11 Post Secondary Morning Tues. Oct. 25

The annual Grade 11 Post Secondary Information Morning will be on Tues. Oct. 25 during first block.

There will be 2 sessions for all grade 11's to attend (and sign up for).

Please sign up on the Van Tech website either under your Grade 11 section or in the announcement area (2 links are provided).

Sign up for 2 post secondary school sessions.

Please sign up on ASAP and no later than Thurs. Oct 20. this week.

(It is very easy and quick to sign up for 2 sessions; much easier than course planning).

If you are attending university, choose a college as well.

A college is also a great first choice, too.

The sessions will begin at 8:30

All sessions will be completed by 10:00 am.

Regular classes will be in session for period 2 onward

Please arrive early on Tues. Oct. 25.

Rooms and institutions will be posted in the Foyer outside the auditorium.

If you have any questions, please see Mr. Niek.