Vancouver (VSB) Summer School 2016 (Face to Face) B. Niek

VSB Summer School 2016 (in person classes)

VSB (Vancouver School Board) face to face summer school registration began on May 2.

Summer school flyers are in the Counselling Suite and Main school office now.

(access online information to VSB Summer School information for in school (face to face) courses is also available on the VSB website

(or google "VSB" and click on Continuing Education)

The closest summer school site is Van Tech . There are 5 other summer school sites.

Courses offered:

Remedial - gr. 8-12 academic courses - if you will not be passing a course. A mark up to 62% will be issued.

Preview - gr. 8-11 academic courses - if you want to look ahead at the curriculum - no mark is issued

Completion - gr. 10-12 academic courses - if you wish to do the entire 120 hour course (or your mark is too low to take remedial)

Other schools will have additional courses in ELL, Summer School for the Arts, sports camps, non credit enrichment courses, etc.

Ask your teacher if a remedial course is an option for you in order to pass a course instead of repeating for 10 months next year.

You can take up to 2 remedial or completion courses

- Remedial - 2 hours a day for 4 weeks instead of 40 weeks (10 months), by repeating next school year in Sept. and you can be done by 12:15 each day and have a month of summer vacation left (all of Aug.)

- Completion- 4 hours a day for 5 weeks plus homework

You cannot miss more than 3 classes or you will be dropped from the course.

Remedial only covers the main learning outcomes.

Completion is the entire course where each day in summer school covers a weeks curriculum (usually done during the regular school year).