AP Calculus 16-17

Generic_file_icon Review 2-3 updated 16.9.pdf

Review updated Sept.16

Generic_file_icon Review 2-3 (answers).pdf

Answers to review

Generic_file_icon WS-2-Piecewise.pdf

Piecewise Defined Functions

Generic_file_icon Review 2-3 (answers).pdf

Answers to Review

Generic_file_icon 1-3 Intro to Limits & Continuity.pdf

Intro to Limits & Continuity

Generic_file_icon 1-3 I2L Continued.pdf

Intro to Limits Continued ...

Generic_file_icon Two Special Limits.pdf

Special Limits

Generic_file_icon 1-3 The Tangent Line Prolem.pdf

Tangent Line Problem

Generic_file_icon Tangent Line 2-3.pdf

2-3 Tangent Line Problem


The Tangent Line - white board notes

Limits Assignment and Limit Def of Derivative Assignment:

p.133: 3,16,19,40,41,43,(59).
p.146: 3,5,7,9,11-23}odd,37,39,41.
p.163: 3-27}odd Note: I will provide the graph for 9b, don't do 11b. Also: 15 uses an alternate form of the limit definition - we will cover this after the test.
p.173: 3,4,5-15}odd,21-31}odd

Generic_file_icon AP Calculus - AP Review Limits and Continuity Practice Test.pdf

Limits and Continuity - extra practice. Questions concerning differentiability will not be on the quiz.

Generic_file_icon The Limit Def of the Derivative.pdf

The Limit Definition 1-3

Generic_file_icon 2-3 The Derivative.pdf

The Limit Definition 2-3

Generic_file_icon p163-9b.svg

Graph for p.163 9b


graph for p163-9b.

Generic_file_icon Lim Con Quiz 1-3.pdf

Limits & Continuity Quiz 1-3

Generic_file_icon Lim Con 2-3.pdf

Limits & Continuity Quiz 2-3

Test Outline

  • Part I = last Quiz
  • Part II = The Limit Definition:
    • quadratic
    • Rational?
    • Equation of Tangent Line
    • Sketch Derivative from graph of f(x)

Generic_file_icon 1-3 The Power Rule.pdf

Power Rule 1-3

Generic_file_icon The Power Rule.pdf

Power Rule 2-3

Derivative Rules Problem Set:

p.191: {3-15,19-29}odd, 45,47,51.
p.197: 2,7-13}odd 17,23,31,35
p.216: 1,3,5,9,13,21,23,35
p.233: 1-13}odd 17,21,23,25,27,29,55,59,63.

Generic_file_icon 2-3 Differentiation Laws Practice.pdf

Differentiation Rules Practice P.Set Problems

Generic_file_icon 1-3 The Chain Rule.pdf

The Chain Rule Examples

Generic_file_icon 1-3 Implicit Differentiation.pdf

Implicit Differentiation - Examples

Generic_file_icon 2-3 Implicit Differentiation.pdf

2-3 Implicit Differentiation Examples

Generic_file_icon Imp. Diff. (from the P.Set ).pdf

Implicit Differentiation: Problem Set examples

Generic_file_icon DLQuizVA.pdf

Deriv. Laws Quiz 2-3

Generic_file_icon DLQuizVB.pdf

Deriv. Laws Quiz 1-3

Generic_file_icon 1-3 Graphing.pdf


Generic_file_icon 2-3 Graphing Review.pdf

Slant Asymptote


Derivatives of Exponentials and Logs Part 1.


Derivatives of Exponentials and Logs Part 2.


Derivatives of Exponentials and Logs Part 3.


Derivatives of Exponentials and Logs Part 4.

Graphing and Derivatives of Exponentials & Logs Problem Set:

Exponentials & Logs:

p.197: 3,5,12,15,25.
p.224: 31 p. 233: 15
p.249: 3-23}odd


p.323: 1-29}odd.

(Note: we will need to discuss 27. To correct your notes, I need to go over with you why points at which the first derivative is undefined should be considered to be critical points for the purposes of constructing your table or number line. If the function is defined at the point but the first derivative is undefined, the tangent is vertical - points where this occurs will be inflection points.)

Generic_file_icon Intro to Related Rates 2-3.pdf

Intro to Related Rates 2-3

Generic_file_icon Intro to RR 1-3.pdf

Intro to Related Rates 1-3 (Ms. Moore)

Generic_file_icon 1-3 Logs & RR.pdf

1-3 RR Continued...

Generic_file_icon 2-3 RR Continued....pdf

2-3 RR Continued...

Generic_file_icon 10-2-c Opt- 1-3 I2O.pdf

Intro to Optimization

Generic_file_icon 10-2-d More Optim.pdf

More Optimization

Generic_file_icon 10-2-g Inv. Trig..pdf

Deriv. of arcsin,cos,tan

Generic_file_icon 10-2-h MVTMVT.pdf

MVT & RT 1-3

Generic_file_icon 10-2-h MVTMVT.pdf

MVT & RT 2-3

Generic_file_icon RelRatesOptProblemAssignment.pdf

Assigned problems...

Generic_file_icon RRandOPT-PSet.pdf

Related Rates and Optimization - Problem Set File

Introduction to Integrals


The Definite Integral and the Area Problem I


The Definite Integral and the Area Problem II


The Definite Integral and the Area Problem III

Generic_file_icon Riemann Sums and MVT.pdf

Riemann Sums & the MVT Worksheet

Generic_file_icon 2-3 RS & MVT.pdf

RS & MVT notes

Generic_file_icon 1-3 FTOC Intro to u-sub.pdf

Intro to u-substitution

Generic_file_icon 1-3 VolofRev.pdf

1-3 Volumes of Revolution

Generic_file_icon 2-3 VxR Continued….pdf

2-3 Vols of Rev Continued...

Generic_file_icon 1-3 Diff. Eq's.pdf

Intro to Differential Equations

Generic_file_icon 2-3 Diff Eq's Continued....pdf

2-3 DEq's Continued

Generic_file_icon 1-3 Diff. Eq's Continued....pdf

1-3 DE's Continued...

Generic_file_icon SomeMopUpTopicsAndReview.pdf

Some topics that have come up with the practice exams

Generic_file_icon PE MC Solutions.pdf

Some MC Solutions (PE1)

Generic_file_icon ca12finalreview17.pdf

Review for optional Celebration #3

Generic_file_icon ca12finalreview17ans.pdf

Answers to optional review.