Apprenticeship and Workplace Math 10 16-17

Generic_file_icon Review 2-2.pdf

Review from 2-2

Generic_file_icon MW10 p.21 PYNS.pdf

MathWorks p.21 Hints Simple Ratio Equations

Generic_file_icon 2-2 Unit Price WS with hints.pdf

Unit Price WS with hints

Generic_file_icon Percents WS.pdf

Percent notes & WS

Generic_file_icon 2-2 p.32 Hints.pdf

p. 32 #1-6 Hints

Generic_file_icon Currency Exchange 2-2.pdf

Currency Exchange 2-2

Generic_file_icon 2-4 Currency Exchange.pdf

Currency Exchange 2-4

Generic_file_icon WS Exchange Rates (Hints).pdf

Exchange Rates with Hints

Unit 1 Assignment Summary

From MW10:
  • p.21 1-8
  • p.26 1-6
  • p.32 1-6
  • p.37 1-6
  • p.47 1-6
  • p.50 1-3,5-9

Plus Worksheets:
  • Percents
  • Mark-ups & Discounts
  • Exchange Rates

Unit 2 (Chapter 3) Length, Area, & Volume

Generic_file_icon 2-2 The Imperial System.pdf

2-2 Imperial System p.102 #1-6

Generic_file_icon 2-4 The Imperial System.pdf

2-4 Imperial System Notes & Hints

Generic_file_icon AW10 Unit Conversion Sheet.pdf

Unit Conversion Data Sheet

Generic_file_icon 2-2 Conversions.pdf

2-2 Metric Imperial Conversions.

Generic_file_icon GeometricFormulas.pdf

AW10 Geometric Formulas Data Sheet

Generic_file_icon 2-2 Surface Area.pdf

Surface Area p.121

Generic_file_icon 2-2 p.132 Volume.pdf

2-2 Volume p.132

Generic_file_icon CH3 PYNS p.134.pdf

PYNS p.134 Hints

Generic_file_icon 2-4 Practice Test Review.pdf

CH3 Practice Quiz Review

Unit 2 (Chapter 3) Assignment Summary

From MW10:
  • p.102 1-6
  • p.111 1-7
  • p.121 1,2,4,5
  • p.132 1-5
  • p.134 (PYNS) 1-6,8

Unit 3 (Chapter 4) Mass, Temp., & Volume

Generic_file_icon Imp. Mass 2-2.pdf

p.151 Imperial Mass BYS

Generic_file_icon 2-2 SI Mass p.158.pdf

SI Mass p.158

Generic_file_icon Conversions p.165.pdf

SI Imperial Conversions p.165

Generic_file_icon PYNS p.169.pdf

Practice Your New Skills p.169

Unit 3 (Chapter 4) Assignment Summary

  • Temperature Conversion worksheet
  • p.143 1-4
  • p.151 1-5
  • p.158 1-5,7
  • p.165 1-5
  • p.169 (PYNS) 1-7,9

Generic_file_icon 2-4 Ch.4 Practice.pdf

Ch.4 Practice Exam Ans.

Unit 4 (Chapters 5,6) Geometry


Parallel Lines and a Transversal (1)


Parallel Lines and a Transversal (2)

Generic_file_icon WS-Parallel Lines.pdf

Parallel Lines WS (blank)

Generic_file_icon Parallel Lines I Ans.pdf

Parallel Lines Answers

Generic_file_icon WS-NonParallel Lines.pdf

Non-parallel lines WS

Generic_file_icon Non-parallel Lines Ans.pdf

Non-parallel Ans.

Generic_file_icon Similar Triangles Worksheet.pdf

Similar Triangles Worksheet

Generic_file_icon Similarity 2-2.pdf

Similarity Worksheet Answers & Hints

Unit 4 (Chapter 6) Assignment Summary

The worksheets above & the items in red are to be turned in.

From MW10:
  • p.232 1,3,4
  • p.243 1 ,2,4-8
  • p.261 1-5
  • p.265 (PYNS) 1,3,4,5,8,9

Generic_file_icon Similarity Text Questions notes.pdf

Notes: questions from text: pp. 232,243,261.

Generic_file_icon PYNS p.265.pdf

Practice Your New Skills p.265

Pizzazz Worksheet: Monster Mysteries

Pizzazz Worksheets: Why did Orgo...? & What is unusual...?

Generic_file_icon 3-Parallel Lines and Transversals.pdf

Parallel Lines & Transversals - Test Review

Generic_file_icon Parallel Lines Review Ans.pdf

Parallel Lines Review Answers

Generic_file_icon Similar Figures Review.pdf

Similarity Test Review

Generic_file_icon Similarity Review Ans.pdf

Similarity Review Answers

Unit 5 (Chapter 7) Trigonometry

Generic_file_icon Pythagorus Thm..pdf

Pythagorus' Theorem 7.3.17

Generic_file_icon 2-4 Trig Continued.pdf

Intro to Sine, Cosine, and Tangent

Generic_file_icon 2-4 Finding the side.pdf

Use SOHCAHTOA to find a missing side

Generic_file_icon 2-4 Sine.pdf

The Sine Ratio BYS p. 289

Generic_file_icon 2-4 Cosine.pdf

The Cosine Ratio BYS p.297

Generic_file_icon 2-4 Tangent.pdf

The Tangent Ratio BYS p.305

Generic_file_icon 2-4 Find the Angle.pdf

Finding the Angle BYS p.311

Generic_file_icon 2-4 PYNS p.316.pdf

Practice Your New Skills p.316 #1-6,8,9

Generic_file_icon TrigPracticeApr28.pdf

Trig Practice Test

Generic_file_icon Trig Practice Test Ans..pdf

Answers & Solutions to Practice Test

Generic_file_icon 2-2 Pract. Exam2-2.pdf

Practice Exam Review from 2-2

Unit 6 (Chapter 2) Earning an Income

Generic_file_icon 2-2 Wages and Salaries.pdf

Wages, Salaries, & Time Sheets

Generic_file_icon 2-2 Alternative Ways to Earn.pdf

Alternate Ways to Earn

Generic_file_icon 2-4 Additional Earnings.pdf

Additional Earnings

Generic_file_icon 2-4 PYNS p.85.pdf

p. 89 PYNS #1-5

Course Review - Final Exam Part 1: June 12th, Part 2: June 14th

Generic_file_icon DataBooklet.pdf

Data Booklet

Generic_file_icon SampleA-ProblemsOnly.pdf

Sample Exam A

Generic_file_icon Sample A Solutions so far.pdf

Sample A Solutions

Generic_file_icon SampleB.pdf

Sample Exam B

Generic_file_icon SampleAans.pdf

Sample A Answers

Generic_file_icon SampleBans.pdf

Sample B Answers

Generic_file_icon Sample B Solutions & Hints.pdf

Sample B: some solutions and hints