Generic_file_icon WS1 - Properties of Linear Relations.pdf

WS1 Intro to Linear Relations

Generic_file_icon AW12 Population Projection Activity.pdf

Sept. 15. Vancouver Population Projections activity. (Excel activity)

Generic_file_icon WS2 - Plotting Linear Relations.pdf

Plotting Linear Relations

Generic_file_icon WS2 - Lin. Rel..pdf

WS2 Hints & Answers

Generic_file_icon WS3 Slope.pdf

Slope Calculations

Generic_file_icon WS4 Linear Data.pdf

WS4 Linear Data

Generic_file_icon WS4 Scatter Plot.pdf

Scatter Plot for WS4

Generic_file_icon Dataclysm Activity.pdf

Dataclysm Scatter Plot Activity

Generic_file_icon WS7-5LineOfBestFit.pdf

WS 7.5 Lines of Best Fit continued...

Generic_file_icon WS10.pdf

WS10 - Scatter Plots

Link to Statistics Canada BC Data page:

Stats Can BC Data

EC Historical Climate Data:

Generic_file_icon Population_Projections.csv

BC Statistics Download File for LR Data Analysis test

Generic_file_icon WS 21 Answers & Hints.pdf


Generic_file_icon WS 22 The Sine Law.pdf

The Sine Law

Generic_file_icon WS23 Cos Law Ans.pdf

WS23 Answers

Generic_file_icon Extra Review Law of Sines and Cosines.pdf

Cos Law & Sine Law Extra Practice

Generic_file_icon Percentile Worksheet.pdf

Percentiles - extra practice

Generic_file_icon AW12WS13MeanMedianMode.pdf

Mean, Median, & Mode Review

Generic_file_icon WS17.5-StandardDeviation.pdf

Standard Deviation