Math 8 16-17

Generic_file_icon Math 8 - Explanation of First Term Grades.pdf

More information regarding first term grades...

Generic_file_icon Integer Card Games Tally Sheet.pdf

Tally Sheet for basic Integer Card Games.

Sept. 13th Finish Quiz Show worksheet. Math Mosh in 308 Tues., here Wed.

Generic_file_icon Adding Subtracting Integers WS.pdf

Integers WS Sept. 19

Generic_file_icon Integer Card Games Tally Sheet V2.pdf

Integer Card Games Tally Sheet V2 .

Generic_file_icon 1998Gauss8Solution.pdf

1998 Gauss Solutions

Link to Gauss Contest Practice Tests and Solutions:

Generic_file_icon OoOps WkSheet even ans.pdf

Even Ans. to OoOps! Wk Sheet

Generic_file_icon Deodec ti a.pdf

Deodec ti a answers & Hints

Generic_file_icon deodec ti b.pdf

Deodec ti b Answers & Hints

Generic_file_icon CLT Rational Coefficients.pdf

CLT with Rational Coefficients

Generic_file_icon Multi-Step Equations.pdf

Multi-Step equations

Generic_file_icon Review Package Some Hints & Solutions.pdf

Some Hints & Solutions for Review