Math 9 - 1819

Worksheet packages (6 sheets & packages - starting with Mathantics) due Mon. Oct. 1st.

Generic_file_icon 1.10.18.pdf

1-1 Notes from Oct. 10, Rationals

Generic_file_icon Comparing and Ordering Rationals 2.pdf

Comparing and ordering Rationals Worksheet - Answer as many as you can. For discussion on Oct. 10th (or 12th).

Generic_file_icon 5.10.18.pdf

Notes from Friday Oct. 5th updated Oct. 12th

Generic_file_icon rationals preview test.pdf

October 10th. Math 9 Rationals Preview Test

Generic_file_icon 12.10.18 Rationals Hand-out.pdf

Class handout- For Tuesday, complete the 1st 3 pages. (Also complete worksheet "2.1" if you haven't already.)

Generic_file_icon 12.10.18.pdf

12.10.18 Class Notes+ Project Preview

Generic_file_icon Project 1 rationals - design 1.pdf

Rationals - project planning sheet 1

Generic_file_icon 16.10.18 class notes.pdf

Try to complete 2.3 for Thursday - answers will be posted. Also remember to complete Project Planning Sheet #1.

Generic_file_icon 18.10.18 Rationals Handout.pdf

Dividing Rationals - handout

Generic_file_icon 18.10.18 class notes.pdf

For Tuesday, complete Division handout & project definition sheets 1 and 2.

Generic_file_icon Project 1 rationals - design 2.pdf

Rationals - project planning sheet 2

Generic_file_icon Project 1 rationals - design 3.pdf

Rationals - project planning sheet 3

Generic_file_icon 23.10.18 class notes.pdf

Complete 2.5 for Thursday - Bring Scientific calculator Monday if you have one.

Generic_file_icon 25.10.18 Rationals Percent Handout.pdf

25.10.18 Rationals as Percents Handout (For next week)

Remember to bring scientific calculator on Monday if you have one.

Generic_file_icon 29.10.18 Class Handout - Rationals, Decimals, Powers of 10.pdf

Complete for Wednesday - try to rewrite the multiplication & division questions asquestions that involve powers of 10.

Generic_file_icon 31.10.18 Class Handout - Introduction to Exponents.pdf

Complete first 3 pages for homework.

Generic_file_icon 31.10.18 class notes.pdf

31.10.18 class notes with updated answers to 5.1.

Generic_file_icon 2.11.18 Class Handout - Introduction to Exponents Laws.pdf

Complete 1st page only for homework. (Try to complete the last 2 pages of 5.1, too.)

Generic_file_icon 6.11.18 class notes - COL answers.pdf

Includes answers to practice COL.

Generic_file_icon 20.11.18.pdf

Class notes - introduction to roots

Generic_file_icon 22.11.18 - What happens....pdf

Practice COL - Test next Wed.

Generic_file_icon 22.11.18 Practice COL.pdf

Practice test - test next Wednesday.

Generic_file_icon COL2 Practice Key.pdf

Answers to practice test.

Generic_file_icon Exponent Rules Summary.pdf

28.11.18 - After test exercise to refocus on exponent rules. Due Friday.

Generic_file_icon 28.11.18 Class notes.pdf

30.11.18 Class notes

Generic_file_icon Exponent Rules Summary 30.11.18.pdf

Exponent Rules Summary 30.11.18

Generic_file_icon Exponent Rules In-Class Activity.pdf

30.11.18 Exponent Laws In-class activity

Generic_file_icon Exponents Homework and Answers 30.11.18.pdf

This worksheet is due on Tuesday Dec. 4th.

Generic_file_icon 4.12.18 more practice with negative exponents.pdf

Note: many of the answers provided are incorrect - check the class key.

Generic_file_icon 4.12.18 more neg. exponents answers.pdf

answers to homework - homework due Thursday

Generic_file_icon 6.12.18 class notes.pdf

6.12.18 Class notes & Homework. Test on Wednesday

Generic_file_icon 14.12.18 - Exponentials Answers.pdf

Complete to #9 on last set

Generic_file_icon 14.12.18-Simplifying Radicals.pdf

Do up to #9 of last set for homework

Generic_file_icon 18.12.18 Intro to Algebra.pdf

Complete "What happened to..." Worksheet for homework.

Generic_file_icon 18.12.18 CLT Handout.pdf

CLT worksheet

Generic_file_icon CLT and Distributive WS 1.pdf

20.1.18 CLT Practice sheet 1

Generic_file_icon CLT and Distributive WS 2.pdf

20.12.18 CLT Extra practice

Generic_file_icon AlgPackage59-64.pdf

7.1.19 Algebra Package I pp. 59-64

Generic_file_icon 7.1.19 Class notes.pdf

Complete up to p.61 for Wednesday

Generic_file_icon 9.1.19 Class Notes.pdf

Complete to p.64 for Friday

9.1.19 1-4 board notes
9.1.19 1-1 board notes
Generic_file_icon Classifying Polynomials.pdf

11.1.19 Classifying Polynomials Worksheet

Generic_file_icon AlgPackage65-68.pdf

11.1.19 Algebra Package II pp. 65-68

Generic_file_icon 11.1.19 Class Notes.pdf

Finish up to p.66 of 2nd handout for Tues. Show work!

15.1.19 1-4 board notes

Dividing Polynomials by Monomials - board notes 15.1.19

15.1.19 ws start

Start to Polynomial Division (by monomials) Worksheet 15.1.19

Generic_file_icon AlgPackage77-80.pdf

15.1.19 Algebra Package III pp. 77-80

15.1.19: Please finish handout pages 65-68 and p.77 for homework.

Generic_file_icon 17.1.19 Class notes.pdf

Complete up to package 3 p.79 for Monday

Generic_file_icon 21.1.19 Class Notes.pdf

Class notes 21.1.19 Complete worksheets to p.80 for Friday. Start on rational coefficients worksheet.

Generic_file_icon 21.1.19 Rational Coefficients CLT.pdf

21.1.19 CLT with Rational Coefficients worksheet

Clt fractional coefficients

Combining Like terms with rational coefficients - example from worksheet.

Class notes 21.1.19

21.1.19 Class Notes from 1-4

Clt fractional coefficients v2

Combining Like Terms with rational coefficients (from 1-4).

Generic_file_icon 23.1.19 CLT warm-up.pdf

CLT warm-up worksheet 23.1.19 and 25.1.19 (double blocks)

Generic_file_icon 23.1.19 Practice COL.pdf

Practice COL 23.1.19 & 25.1.19 (By mistake, there are 2 'Concept 7' sections - please complete the one at the top of the right-hand column. The other one is optional.)

Generic_file_icon 23.1.19 Practice COL Key.pdf

25.1.19 - Key to Practice COL

Generic_file_icon 31.1.19 Exponent Review.pdf

31.1.19 Exponent Rules - Extra Practice

Generic_file_icon 31.1.19 Class notes.pdf

31.1.19 Class notes and key to p.1 of Exponents Extra Practice

COL Monday Feb. 4th - Concepts 7,9,11,12,13,16,18,19.

Generic_file_icon 6.2.19 Class Notes.pdf

6.2.19 Class Notes: GCF & LCM of Monomials. Complete worksheet for homework.

Generic_file_icon 8.2.19 Class notes.pdf

8.2.19 Class notes - basic equation solving. Complete both worksheets for Tues.

Generic_file_icon 8.2.19 Equations 1.pdf

Basic 2 step equations - worksheet 1

Generic_file_icon 8.2.19 Equations 1 Key.pdf

Equations worksheet 1 key

Generic_file_icon 8.2.19 Equations 2.pdf

Two-step equations worksheet 2

Generic_file_icon 14.2.19 Class Notes.pdf

Class Notes - complete WS1 #1,3,4 and all WS2 for Wed.

COL Concepts for Friday (from the last practice test):

7 - mixed operations (again)
12 - exponent laws
13 - negative exponents
14 - radicals
16 - combining like terms
17 - descending order of degree
18 - the distributive property
19 - division by monomials

Generic_file_icon CLT with Distribution 3-4.pdf

20.2.19 Distribution - extra practice with rationals

Generic_file_icon CLT with Distribution 3-4 ans.pdf

CLT with Distribution answers

Generic_file_icon Ma9 PTest6.pdf

26.2.19 - Practice Test

Pcol6 - 1

Answers to practice test - part 1

Pcol6 - 2

Answers to practice test - part 2

Generic_file_icon From Worksheet 5.4- 12.3.19.pdf

12.3.19 Equations notes for worksheet 5.4

Generic_file_icon Introduction to Word Problems.pdf

12.3.19 Introduction to Word Problems notes

Generic_file_icon Class Notes 3.4.19.pdf

Solving for 'y' and graphing - try to complete the worksheet #1-4 (see hints for 3 and 4)

Generic_file_icon 5.4.19 Class notes - Graphing lines (updated).pdf

Complete this worksheet and the second worksheet distributed in class for Tuesday.

Generic_file_icon 11.4.19 Class Notes - word problems review.pdf

From worksheet on number, age, and coin problems.


Answers to Practice Test Part 1


Answers to Practice Test Part 2

Generic_file_icon Exponent Rules Practice with Ans.pdf

25.4.19 Exponents Practice with Answers

Generic_file_icon LinInequalWS.pdf

Linear Inequalities Worksheets

Generic_file_icon LinInequalWSAns.pdf

Answers to Linear Inequalities Worksheets


14.5.19 2D Linear Inequalities Class Notes 1


14.5.19 2D Linear Inequalities Class Notes 2


Extra COL Practice Part 1


Extra COL Practice Part 2

Data rep ws hints

Organizing Data Worksheet Example & Exercise Hints

Generic_file_icon PCOL9.pdf

Practice Test June 7/ June 11


Practice test answers - part 1


Practice test answers - part 2

Math 9 Budget Survey Analysis

  • Choose a "research question" that can be at least partly answered by the survey questions. (i.e. "How do grade 9's spend their money?" or "How do grade 9's earn money?").

  • Choose at least 3 questions from the survey that will help answer your research question. Construct a frequency table for each question you have chosen.

  • Represent the data from each frequency table in a pie chart or bar graph (you must do at least one of each).

Generic_file_icon Math 9 Budget Survey.pdf

Budget Survey (Blank Form)