Math 9 - 1819

Worksheet packages (6 sheets & packages - starting with Mathantics) due Mon. Oct. 1st.

Generic_file_icon 1.10.18.pdf

1-1 Notes from Oct. 10, Rationals

Generic_file_icon Comparing and Ordering Rationals 2.pdf

Comparing and ordering Rationals Worksheet - Answer as many as you can. For discussion on Oct. 10th (or 12th).

Generic_file_icon 5.10.18.pdf

Notes from Friday Oct. 5th updated Oct. 12th

Generic_file_icon rationals preview test.pdf

October 10th. Math 9 Rationals Preview Test

Generic_file_icon 12.10.18 Rationals Hand-out.pdf

Class handout- For Tuesday, complete the 1st 3 pages. (Also complete worksheet "2.1" if you haven't already.)

Generic_file_icon 12.10.18.pdf

12.10.18 Class Notes+ Project Preview

Generic_file_icon Project 1 rationals - design 1.pdf

Rationals - project planning sheet 1

Generic_file_icon 16.10.18 class notes.pdf

Try to complete 2.3 for Thursday - answers will be posted. Also remember to complete Project Planning Sheet #1.

Generic_file_icon 18.10.18 Rationals Handout.pdf

Dividing Rationals - handout

Generic_file_icon 18.10.18 class notes.pdf

For Tuesday, complete Division handout & project definition sheets 1 and 2.

Generic_file_icon Project 1 rationals - design 2.pdf

Rationals - project planning sheet 2

Generic_file_icon Project 1 rationals - design 3.pdf

Rationals - project planning sheet 3

Generic_file_icon 23.10.18 class notes.pdf

Complete 2.5 for Thursday - Bring Scientific calculator Monday if you have one.

Generic_file_icon 25.10.18 Rationals Percent Handout.pdf

25.10.18 Rationals as Percents Handout (For next week)

Remember to bring scientific calculator on Monday if you have one.

Generic_file_icon 29.10.18 Class Handout - Rationals, Decimals, Powers of 10.pdf

Complete for Wednesday - try to rewrite the multiplication & division questions asquestions that involve powers of 10.

Generic_file_icon 31.10.18 Class Handout - Introduction to Exponents.pdf

Complete first 3 pages for homework.

Generic_file_icon 31.10.18 class notes.pdf

31.10.18 class notes with updated answers to 5.1.

Generic_file_icon 2.11.18 Class Handout - Introduction to Exponents Laws.pdf

Complete 1st page only for homework. (Try to complete the last 2 pages of 5.1, too.)

Generic_file_icon 6.11.18 class notes - COL answers.pdf

Includes answers to practice COL.

Generic_file_icon 20.11.18.pdf

Class notes - introduction to roots

Generic_file_icon 22.11.18 - What happens....pdf

Practice COL - Test next Wed.

Generic_file_icon 22.11.18 Practice COL.pdf

Practice test - test next Wednesday.

Generic_file_icon COL2 Practice Key.pdf

Answers to practice test.

Generic_file_icon Exponent Rules Summary.pdf

28.11.18 - After test exercise to refocus on exponent rules. Due Friday.

Generic_file_icon 28.11.18 Class notes.pdf

30.11.18 Class notes

Generic_file_icon Exponent Rules Summary 30.11.18.pdf

Exponent Rules Summary 30.11.18

Generic_file_icon Exponent Rules In-Class Activity.pdf

30.11.18 Exponent Laws In-class activity

Generic_file_icon Exponents Homework and Answers 30.11.18.pdf

This worksheet is due on Tuesday Dec. 4th.

Generic_file_icon 4.12.18 more practice with negative exponents.pdf

Note: many of the answers provided are incorrect - check the class key.

Generic_file_icon 4.12.18 more neg. exponents answers.pdf

answers to homework - homework due Thursday

Generic_file_icon 6.12.18 class notes.pdf

6.12.18 Class notes & Homework. Test on Wednesday